THC is a cannabinoid, and the most important and main ingredient of marijuana. In fact, this is the element of marijuana that causes that feeling you get when you smoke it. There are a lot of controversies surrounding this plant and this ingredient of it, and many clinical trials are still going on them. However, some of them have already been done, and they have proved that this ingredient may in fact cause some benefits, and right now, we are going to see what king of benefits those are.

1 – It offers pain relief

thcThis is one of the most common things for which medical marijuana is being used, and it was proven that THC is the main reason why people who smoke it experience some relief. However, it was proven that the biggest relief feel the patients who are experiencing some sort of a nerve pain. This is where marijuana steps us, while all those non-nerve related pains can only be dummed down a bit.

2 – It helps with PTST

PTST is short from post-traumatic stress disorder, and it mostly affect the army veterans who have experienced some grizzly sights during their days on the front. However, THC was proven to bring some relief to those people, and not only that, but during the these trials, it was also discovered that THC may also help out the people who are suffering from temporary memory impairments. It was proven that oral intake of THC may help people that have some form of PTST, and the main things that THC helps with are flashbacks, nightmares and agitations.

3 – It helps with nausea and vomiting

THC_3DTHC has been used to combat there symptoms since the early ’80s, and even the Food and Drug Administration has accepted this when they acknowledged the THC pill as a medication. That is why these pills are now regularly being prescribed to all the patients that are suffering from cancer and are undergoing chemotherapy.

4 – It stimulates appetite

dieta-fome-diabetesBad appetite is a thing that usually affect the patients that are suffering from AIDS and other terrible illnesses. And it was proven that THC can be of assistance here, because it reduces nausea, and with that, it increases the appetite in the patient. It can work for both sick and healthy people, as you may already know, since people high on marijuana usually have “the munchies”.

5 – It can help with asthma

Many people cannot understand how THC may help any patient that is suffering from asthma, but it turns out that THC has the ability to help people breathe better, which in turn helps the people who suffer from asthma. After discovering that people who smoke marijuana feel better during an asthma attack than all the others, the researches on this topic began. No solution was made, but some believe that modern vaporizers may be the key.

6 – It helps with glaucoma

A study was done in the ’70s that proved that enjoying marijuana can reduce the symptoms that appear in patients who suffer from glaucoma. And even though some glaucoma patients still use marijuana, the society of glaucoma patients says that the effects of it are too short, and hence cannot be viewed as a treatment.