Lawful cannabis will prompt offenders crushing through your entryway and taking your cash.

Do these cases sound commonplace? Drug warriors have been to a great degree fruitful in disturbing America about the perils of pot for a considerable length of time. However, where they haven’t been fruitful is spreading exact data about ganja to the people.

Here are 8 of the top myths individuals tell about maryjane, and how to counter them.

  1. Maryjane is a portal medication.

Maryjane’s adversaries claim pot is an “entryway drug” — that once somebody smokes pot, they’re significantly more prone to attempt other, harder medications and, in the long run, wind up utilizing something considerably riskier. There is, truth be told, a connection between marijuana utilization and different medications: The National Institute on Drug Abuse asserts that a man who smokes weed is 104x more prone to utilize cocaine than somebody who never touched a joint.

Yet, that is all it is — a relationship. As TIME’s Healthland composed the distance in 2010, researchers have disposed of the entryway speculation since the 90s. A report on the Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Sciences in 1999 said that:

cannabis-indica-oil“As in cannabis utilize ordinarily goes before as opposed to takes after start of other illegal medication use, it is without a doubt a “door” drug. But since underage smoking and liquor utilize ordinarily go before weed utilization, pot is not the most widely recognized and is once in a while the to start with, “passage” to illegal medication utilization. There is no convincing confirmation that the medication impacts of marijuana are causally connected to the ensuing misuse of other illegal medications.”

Also, the larger part of maryjane clients never touch cocaine or heroin. In 2009, 2.3 million individuals reported attempting pot, compared to 617,000 for cocaine and 180,000 for heroin.

The Marijuana Policy Project says that 107 million Americans (about 40% of the nation) have attempted weed, while just 37 million have attempted cocaine and under 0.1% of Americans have utilized either coke or heroin as a part of the previous month. Representative Morgan Fox says maryjane has never been exhibited to have any substance segment that would make it especially risky and that if there is a passage, this is on account of merchants have a motivator to push other illicit medications on purchasers.

“When you go to an alcohol store for a jug of wine, there isn’t a man there attempting to offer you cocaine or different unsafe items,” he says. “An unlawful opiates merchant has the motivator to push unsafe medications.”

calidispense-300x209Another investigation of twelfth graders distributed in the Journal of School Health showed that if there is a “door medication,” there’s more confirmation to point towards liquor as the guilty party. A 2012 audit of the proof in Drug and Alcohol Dependence for the portal medication speculation noticed that 83.2% of hard medication clients in Japan had never touched cannabis, while taking note of that the hypothesis of a mixed bag of passage practices faced more thorough survey.